CanaDream Run of Fleet RV Rental

A motorhome renter's dream! CanaDream's Run of Fleet option gives you the opportunity to save up to 20% and sometimes more on your RV rental and vacation.  Now you can experience Canada at your own pace for less money!

Here's How It Works
Maxi Motorhome in North Vancouver   

In choosing our Run of Fleet option you agree to take whichever vehicle we allocate to you on the day you pick up your rental.

All of our units have a shower, toilet, refrigerator and cooking facilities.
The ROF2 option is available for up to two people.With this option you agree to accept either a DVC, TCA or a SVC.
The ROF4 option is available for up to two adults and two small children.With this option you agree to accept either a MHA, a MHB, or a SVC.

ROF*. This applies to some RV relocations. See explanation below.

Note that our Run of Fleet options are not available for parties of more than four people. The TCA is not available as part of our ROF2 option at our Toronto, Montreal and Halifax locations.

*Some of our one-way RV relocations are sold as ROF only. While you will have the opportunity to choose ROF2 or ROF4 when you book, we cannot guarantee that the vehicle you received at pick up will be in your chosen ROF category. Where ROF is shown as the vehicle type, you agree to take any vehicle provided to you when you pick up your RV, regardless of the ROF category shown on your booking. Please provide us with the number of people travelling when you make your booking. We guarantee that the RV provided at pick up will have enough beds for the number of Guests travelling.

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